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What Clients Say about Deborah Dahmen
and Transformational Healing

Exceptional healer

says Sumaya, Austin, Texas

An Austin Client Has Praise for Deborah's Transformational Healing

Deborah is an exceptional healer. The sessions I have received from Deborah have been deeply transformative and life-changing. Deborah has a rare combination of skill, efficiency and mastery which are beautifully balanced with her unassuming humbleness, calmness and loving presence. She uses a wealth of tools at her disposal to meet each clients' individual needs.


I experienced surprise at how quickly she was able to get to the root of the matter. I was relieved to feel I was with someone who more than knew what they were doing and was highly capable. I felt very secure in her loving, humorous, strong, and calm presence. I continue to be deeply grateful for the incredible insights I received and the amazing transformation and changes I continue to experience. I experience great joy from this work. As it continues to unfold, I am happier.


Deborah uncovered blocks that I had been trying to work on for decades, and skillfully helped me quickly change them in her matter of fact way. Thirty minutes with Deborah is worth fifty therapy/healing sessions. I can't express the gratitude in words.


Anyone lucky enough to work with Deborah is in for a deeply moving experience that is made enjoyable by Deborah's lightness in her work. I was fortunate to have found Deborah, and I am sure many who have done work with her will say the same. She is a hidden gem.

Really powerful

says Katherine, New York

Katherine in New York Loves Deborah Dahmen 

Dear Deborah,

Thanks so much for the healing session. Let me tell you the after-effect. You'll remember we worked on issues of the past with mainly maternal unresolved issues and ancestor issues going 'way back. As you know, my mother passed on a few years ago but the unresolved issues between us have still been part of my life.


The week following our phone distance healing, every time I focused on my spinal cord, it exploded into an eternity of space behind me. The openness was amazing, especially considering I've always had trouble visualizing behind me. Not so anymore. It's opened up all the space around me. But especially behind me -- the past, I guess? I was also inspired to do all four levels of Shamballa Reiki and that's been quite powerful.


A few nights ago, I dreamt of my mother in an entirely new way. She had become her highest possible self, it seemed -- light and loving, joyful and humorous. This is truly remarkable. I feel this is happening on all planes for her, and for me, healing us both.


As time goes on, I can't begin to describe to you the difference the healing you sent me has made. It has changed so much for me. My mother has truly evolved into a totally different being. I'm so happy with it all.


That was really powerful, Deborah, and I can't begin to thank you for what you opened up for me.I feel all this comes directly from our healing session, and I thank you with all my heart. You're a very powerful healer, and I'm a very grateful friend.


says Ann, Austin, Texas

Wonderful Reiki Class Instructor 

Thank you very much, Deborah, for the wonderful Reiki class. You are gifted in imparting sacred information in an easy to embrace manner. I am grateful for my attunement! I can tell clearing is taking place - a little weepiness every now and then (and its not hormones!). I'm practicing... I am interested in continuing to the next levels whenever it’s the right time. 



says George, San Jose, CA

Pro-Active in Creating Own Reality

Hi Deb! The work you did with me was quite transformational, and seemed to have some revolutionary overtones. What I noticed last night was that I was quite pro-active in participating in creating my own reality. That was quite a shift from having spent much of my life feeling like I was at the effect of forces beyond my control. As a result, I have had the inclination to be passive at times when I could have been much more pro-active, but it never dawned on me to be so until now. 


Less fear

says Robin, Austin, Texas

Gave Sense of Confidence

Deborah, Thank you so much for the reading etc. It was lovely, informative and I am sure it will help me in many ways. Also, it gave me a sense of confidence with less fear. God bless you! 


Calm & optimistic

says Theresa, Austin, Texas

Telling Friends about This Work


Deborah, I noticed the day following my healing session I was calmer, more centered, and optimistic. This has continued and it's been 3 weeks. Woohoo! Much thanks. I look forward to telling friends about this work. 


So clear

says Vicki, Austin, Texas

Pulled in All the Wonderful Energy


Deborah, I just wanted to tell you that I am so clear, I can actually take in a breath all the way down to my pubic bone! The second night and one other night, I started having the throbbing in my heart, so I just remembered the exercise you taught me and visualized the crystal cord going into the center of the earth, and pulled in all that wonderful energy through my body, and out the crown chakra, and it was gone.I know that I was ready, and that is part of it, but I am amazed that there was really no "processing" to get through this. It just happened, and I was able to go on with my life without the old energies clogging me up. 


Major breakthrough

says Henrik, Sacramento, CA

Changing My Life


Dear Deborah, I cannot thank you enough for the help you have given me. After our last session, again, there was a major breakthrough for me that is changing my life. It is amazing that this wonderful work can be done over the phone! 



says Charlotte, Austin, Texas

Thank You So Much


Dear Deborah, Thank you so much for the channeling session Saturday. I found it fascinating, along with the fact that the answers to the group's individual questions applied to different aspects of my life! 


Noticeable shift

says George, San Jose, CA

In a Better and Lighter Mood


Hi Deb! Thanks for the great work you did with me. After the consultation I transmitted energy to my pancreas and I noticed what struck me as a noticeable shift taking place in the pancreas. I think that the diabetic condition I once had is quickly being transformed.


My wife, Lana, wanted me to tell you that after the distance work you did for her, she had the experience of something heavy being lifted and has been in a better and lighter mood the last few days. 


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