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What is channeling?


Channeling is a connection to and communication with your own divine essence and to the higher realms of consciousness where you can open communication with high-level guides and teachers.

Can anyone channel higher wisdom?

Yes, there are three basic elements required to develop skill in channeling: intention, focus, and alignment.




Intention: Your goal is to intend to receive information from the highest-level guide your energetic system allows.




Focus: There are many methods for focus. Two most commonly used are meditation and guided visualization. Many people also choose what is called "automatic writing" as their focus tool.




Alignment: Alignment means matching your vibration with the vibration of the guide offering communication with you.




In recent years, receiving guidance has been called channeling. This is an excellent way to describe alignment to people who have grown up listening to the radio and watching television. You understand from these mediums that you must tune to the correct frequency in order to receive good reception on either the radio or the TV.




This is the same thing you are doing when you communicate with your Soul or a high-level guide. The good news is that your guides are doing quite a bit of the work involved in aligning the correct frequencies.




Your part of the work is to set a clear intention and to focus on aligning your energy to match your guide’s energy. Your guide will then do the work of adjusting the frequency correctly. Then it is your job to keep practicing as this is how you and your guide learn to fine-tune the communication so that it becomes seamless.


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