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Intuitive Readings

Deborah channels her Soul’s wisdom and healing as well as wisdom and healing from higher beings of light such as Angels, Guides, and Ascended Masters.  When you sit down for a reading, Deborah connects with your Soul, Angels, and Guides who love you and see your perfection.  They do not see you as broken or dysfunctional.   They see you as the creator of your life and are ready to help you transform any area of your life that you desire to change.


They can best help you when you clearly state what you would like to change or what you would like to know about your life.


They particularly love to help you understand your spiritual growth lessons and help you gain insight and wisdom on how to resolve a current difficulty or create your desires. 


These sessions are part psychic information, part teaching, and part healing.  They might even shed light on influences from earlier in your life or past life influences that are at the root of the challenges, desires, and problems you’re experiencing today.

Whether your challenges or questions are about your work, finances, relationships, health, or any other area of your life, your Angels and Guides are able to offer insight, wisdom, and practical solutions such as

  • how to move through or beyond a current situation

  • what's sabotaging your desire to love, trust, forgive, or create

  • how you need to change to attract what you want

  • helping you understand your motivations as well as the motivations of significant people in your life

  • how to use energy tools to help you solve problems and create your desires







30 Minute Intuitive Reading

By Phone or Zoom Call

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60 Minute Intuitive Reading
By Phone or Zoom Call

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