Medical Assistance Sessions

Are you struggling with acute or chronic physical body discomfort or disease?


Jumpstart your body’s natural healing ability so you can claim radiant health and well-being and fully experience a productive and happy life.



The physical body has a wonderful ability to show us the connection between our body, mind, emotions, and Spirit.

Pain and disease are our body’s way of showing us when and where we are out of balance.



Each of us has a natural ally in our quest for health and well-being.

This is our own higher self and Soul. The Soul has a multitude of helpers on the inner planes of existence. The Soul often calls on a group of radiant and powerful beings of light that has always worked for the betterment of mankind called the Brotherhood of White Light  This group includes Angels, Ascended Masters, and others who specialize in every area of human consciousness.



This healing session is designed to help you get out of your head about your situation so you can let go and let God work for you.



Medical Assistance Sessions


At Distance By Phone

3 Sessions


6 Sessions