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Transformational Energy Healing for People and Pets

Are you struggling with physical, emotional, or mental pain?

Do you feel stagnant, paralyzed, and unable to move forward?

Are you in the middle of challenging situations that seem unsolvable?

Are you at a turning point in your life and ready for a change?


Do you have a beloved pet with health challenges or behavioral issues?  Click Here

Then this work is for you!  Let a healing session transform obstacles into opportunities and help you release pain, anxiety, and trauma and replace them with peace, harmony, and well being.  In these healing sessions, your Soul, Angels, and Guides search for and release karma, negative patterns, programs, imprints, beliefs, blocks, and trauma.   As all of this is gently released, it is replaced with higher vibrational frequencies to help you live the life of peace, harmony and purpose your Soul desires for you!

These sessions are focused on the personal issues you select. The most popular choices are healing to create health, wealth, happiness, success, loving relationships, and peace of mind.

The most popular issues people want to leave behind are self-sabotage, feeling stuck and unable to move forward, anxiety, depression, fear, poor health, lack of success, lack of money, and unsatisfying or unhealthy relationships.

If your issues don’t fall into any of these categories, your Soul’s healing team is standing by to hear how they can help you.

30 Minutes Energy Healing


By Phone or Zoom Call


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60 Minutes Energy Healing


By Phone or Zoom Call

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75 Minutes Energy Healing

By Phone or Zoom Call


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90 Minutes Energy Healing

By Phone Zoom Call


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