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A Month of Support:

Living with Joy & Loving Your Awakening Spiritual Gifts


 A Month of Mentoring


Via Private Facebook Group

In our private Facebook group, you can ask me questions and get practical answers that will gently guide you through the maze of the Spiritual Growth Path.  Mentoring begins on the first of each month.


You will have the opportunity to learn about the amazing Spiritual Gifts so many of you are beginning to experience.


I will help you take the fear out of these exciting changes occurring in your life.


I will give you solid, grounded, practical guidance for how to navigate the flow of being your authentic, delightful, uniquely magnificent self.


Bring your questions and your delight in learning to this safe, loving, and supportive space where your interest in what some people call Woo Woo will be met with a great big Woo Hoo!



You will also have my on-going support with:

  • Daily Group Clearings

  • Daily Harmonizing of Chakras and Auras

  • Daily Aura Shield

  • Bi-Weekly Group Sessions for Healing

  • Bi-Weekly Group Sessions for Manifesting