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Help for Insurmountable

Life Problems


When you've been struggling with an issue, person, or situation for so long and feel like you haven't gotten anywhere, it can start to feel like you're stuck with an insurmountable problem.



And maybe you tried everything from psychotherapy to self-help books, from trying to ignore it to talking things out, but so far nothing has really worked.  The problem hasn't changed and you're just feeling more worried, frustrated or stuck than ever.



It's not a good feeling. But it can be transformed.



Whether your insurmountable problem is in the realm of relationships, finances, career success, or personal health, I've seen amazing transformations in my clients who have turned to my Transformational Healing when nothing else worked.



Often, what appears to be an  insurmountable problem has roots in a past life.  The healing work of karma clearing can 

release the negative energies in this life and past lives and replace them with positive energies.



I connect with your Soul and its earth support team to seek out past life and ancestral programs creating the problems you've been struggling with. These are targeted for release in much the same way that a search and replace program works on your computer:  negative energies are searched for, released, and replaced with positive energies.  These might include situations where violence and revenge occured, as well as situations where emotions of unworthiness, unhappiness, and unforgiveness were created.  The clearing work includes any beliefs or obsessive or anxious thought patterns that might be involved.



Negative energies are replaced with harmony, happiness, forgiveness, self-esteem, grace, freedom, or other positive energies your Soul selects for you.  All of this is done gently, effectively, and without re-experiencing past trauma.  



Diamond Enlightenment Healing



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