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What to Expect from Transformational Energy Healing for People and Pets




I am a channel for information and healing from the higher spiritual planes to where it is needed and requested on the Earth plane. I work with spiritual energies, and serve as the transducer so that high frequency energy can be transformed and received in the most beneficial way.



When working with clients, my Soul and its healing team create a healing chamber to form a sacred space for you at all levels of consciousness. Once the healing chamber is set,  I  connect with your Soul and its team, and they go to work for you. My role then is to be the channel for the energies they send so that they can be received in a way that is compatible with your own mind, body, emotions, and spirit.  The same process applies for pets.



Our Souls' earth support teams include Angels, Ascended Masters, Keepers of the Akashic Records and beings and powers of light who specialize in the technology associated with human consciousness. Your soul and its earth support team work with the intention of supporting you in clearing or healing that which will serve your highest good.  



They thank you for your willingness to release karma, and receive healing and more light into your life and world.



Sample Report

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Transformational Healing

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Note: Due to the convenience of both phone and zoom sessions, I no longer offer distance healing with an emailed report.  I look forward to either seeing you on a zoom call or talking to you on the phone.


Sample of an Emailed Session Report

Your healing team began clearing the following programming sourced in past lives -- fear, obsession, anxiety, violence, and responsibility. They began replacing that programming with the positive programming for harmony, happiness, health, faith, hope, and relaxation.



Please be aware that karma clearing spans many lifetimes and though it is unrealistic to expect that all karma is cleared in one short session, your healing team has targeted the energetic frequencies in lifetimes where they see a possibility to effect the greatest positive results for you in the here and now as well as for those personalities in those lifetimes.



Your healing team will be downloading the work they have done for you until the work is complete. The work may be completed in a couple of hours, a couple of days, or it may take months. Just know that each passing day offers the possibility of continuing improvement.  Downloads are generally accomplished during your sleep as that is when you are extremely relaxed and receptive. If you wish to connect with the experience more consciously, you may set aside a time for meditation or contemplation with the intention of experiencing your download and enjoy! Your healing team monitors your energetic systems during the time it takes to complete your healing and adjusts your downloads so that you can receive healing as comfortably as possible.



Keep in mind that this is deep healing for every level of your consciousness so it is useful to nurture yourself during this time in any way that gives you comfort and joy.



In addition, keep in mind the healing clears cellular memory in the body so pay attention to your body’s needs and pamper it by increasing your water intake and if you have access to a bathtub, take a warm Epsom salt bath.



I honor your courage in being willing to allow more light and love into your life and world. This work brings your Divine inner light into your outer world. Enjoy noticing what you find is improving in your life and from time to time remind yourself that you are activating the positive qualities your healing team initiated for you. When you are ready for continued improvement on the issue you chose or you wish to heal another area of your life, your Soul, it's healing team, and I are here and ready to help you.




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