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Mentoring for Spiritual Growth or Psychic Development

Curious about Spiritual Growth? Click here

Curious about Psychic Development?  Click here

You’ve become increasingly aware that there is something beyond what you sense with your  eyes, ears, touch, taste,and smell. 

This can appear in many different ways such as premonitions that come true, physical sensations that relate to what other people are feeling physically or emotionally. or suddenly being aware of seeing signs and numbers or hearing music that seem to offer insight into what you’re concerned about.  

Maybe you believe there are angelic helpers or guides and you wish you could communicate with them or you want to have a clearer sense of knowing your own higher wisdom.  

Navigating the flow of these kinds of experiences can be exciting, confusing, or even frightening.  You have so many questions or you are so confused you don’t even know what questions to ask.


Then an individual mentoring session is for you.  Deborah has a sympathetic ear and has spent many, many years exploring spiritual growth and psychic development.  She can help you understand what is happening to you and guide you in your next steps along your path.  

You get to choose how much time you want to spend getting your questions answered, from 30 minute up to 90 minutes.  And of course, you may choose to get mentoring any time something new comes up for you.  

These individual mentoring sessions are part teaching, part healing, and part psychic readings, depending on what you need during your mentoring session.  


These session be experienced in person, on the phone, or on a zoom call.

To learn more about Spiritual Growth, Click here.
To learn more about Psychic Development, Click here.


30 Minute Mentoring Session


60 Minute Mentoring Session


75 Minute Mentoring Session


90 Minute Mentoring Session


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