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What is Spiritual Growth?


Spiritual Growth means connecting consciously with your Higher Self and a Higher Power which some call God, Goddess, Divine, Christ, Allah, Buddha, or All That Is. Notice the connection with a higher power is not associated with a religious affiliation but rather with the concept that we are all one with Divine Spirit and we have different ways of describing Divine Spirit depending on the spiritual practice we follow.



As we focus on our spiritual growth we build the light within and around us. Focusing on our divine light helps us transcend the limiting messages our negative egos give us. We then find it easier to achieve clarity, harmony and love so that we can create peace of mind as well as health and abundance.



How do we develop our spiritual growth?


A large number of people choose conscious meditation practices that help them focus their minds on their inner light. Quite a few methods involve some form of guided meditation. Others prefer to focus on more physically oriented practices such as yoga, Chi Gong, or Tai Chi.



Can spiritual growth lead to psychic awakening?


Those who focus on meditation and other practices that help build their light quotient often find that they also develop Gifts of the Spirit or Psychic abilities. Many who want to develop psychic abilities focus their attention on the 3rd eye which is associated with the 6th chakra.



However, in most spiritual growth practices, the focus is on the heart center and the crown center. These correspond to the 4th chakra and the 7th chakra, although when we speak of the heart and crown centers we are referring to more than the chakras. As we focus on building the light in these two centers we usually find that the 3rd eye awakens as well as the other energy centers associated with psychic awakening.



Can I achieve Enlightenment?


Those who are interested in spiritual growth often talk about their desire to be enlightened and in the beginning think enlightenment is the culmination of achievement similar to a graduation where we acknowledge that we have passed rigorous tests and now have all the rights and privileges that graduation confers.



In fact Enlightenment is simply being very skilled at holding and radiating light. It is not a destination where you stop your spiritual growth and are now perfect. There are always higher and higher levels of holding and radiating light. Enlightenment means that you have the ability to bring light, clarity, harmony, and love to the energies around you and that includes all that you encounter in your daily life.



Trust your Higher Self to lead you to the paths of Enlightenment that are right for you. There are many to choose from and they are all good. Your task is to follow the path that most appeals to you and know it is fine to change to a different path or to follow more than one path at the same time.



One of the most important things to remember about spiritual growth and enlightenment is that there is no race to the finish line, faster is not better, and your Higher Self will lead you at a pace and on a path that is perfect for you. 

Spiritual Growth

Diamond Enlightenment Healing

What about the gift of healing?


Many people who focus on their spiritual growth find that the ability to heal themselves and others awakens within them. This is because as they become more and more skilled at holding and radiating light, they affect the energies around them in a positive way.



Some are very drawn to consciously develop the gift of healing while others choose to use this gift only occasionally.



I was drawn to healing from early childhood. At that time I thought it meant being a doctor or a nurse. When I reached adulthood and began a spiritual growth path, energy healing attracted me more. This is why I have studied so many healing modalities and many of them (such as more than one type of Reiki) appear to the casual eye to be the same thing.   Click here for desciptions of the modalities I have trained to use.



However, those of us who are sensitive to subtle energies can clearly discern differences in the light frequencies of each modality.



I have also been drawn to what I might call an initiatory path. For example, many of the healing modalities involve receiving an initiation. The purpose of an initiation is to help the four lower bodies (mental, emotional, etheric, and physical) receive and transmit the light frequencies associated with that modality in a balanced, stable, and harmonized way.


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