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Make Anything Possible

A MAP (Make Anything Possible) Healing session delivers a scientifically validated technique.  MAP lets you dissolve limiting beliefs, neutralize fears, overcome stress and anxiety, and stop self-sabotaging behaviors in their tracks.  It does all of this in a way that is fast, easy, and gentle while producing results that are long-term and often permanent, due to the rewiring of the brain.

In a MAP session you and Deborah work at the Soul or SuperConscious level.  The SuperConscious has access to all levels of consciousness including the conscious and subconscious minds.  The SuperConscious can treat and heal the parts of you that have experienced trauma by neutralizing traumas and memories and replacing them with neutral or positive emotions.  It then strengthens your positive coping skills. All of this is done gently and rapidly without the need to re-experience trauma. 

If you've spent years trying to reach your full potential and still aren't quite where you want to be, MAP is the missing piece you've been looking for.  

A MAP Healing session gives you the power to:

  • Release blocks to money and success

  • Decrease fear and anxiety

  • Release stress leading to health and autoimmune issues

  • Improve relationships and help you attract loving relationships


For these sessions you have a choice to work with me on the phone, on Zoom, or in-person if you live in Austin, Texas.

MAP Healing

90 minutes


MAP Healing

75 minutes


MAP Healing

60 minutes


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