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Releasing the Ties that Bind

Have you found yourself struggling to let go of repetitive negative feelings and thoughts that cause you to feel drained, exhausted and unhappy? Have you noticed that when you think about certain people, places, things, events, or circumstances, you start to feel tired, drained, or even bad about yourself? You might even go so far as to suddenly feel angry, ashamed, unloved, unworthy, guilty, or resentful. Perhaps you’ve tried to stop thinking these thoughts or having these feelings only to discover they return again and again.

All of these symptoms are signs that you have an energetic tie or cord. These energy cords create powerful connections to the things about which we have thoughts and feelings. They can also occur when other people have thoughts or feelings about us. These energetic cords provide access to our mental and emotional energy bodies and “pull” energy from us.

I don’t think I’m the odd person who has been plagued by repetitive negative thought and feeling. I’ve talked to and helped many, many people who report this same problem. Of course the desire to find a solution stemmed from my own experiences and asking my Soul and its healing team how to free myself of this life-force draining negativity. My healing team pointed out the presence of energetic cords or ties and let me know that releasing those cords could help.

Many years ago in most spiritual practices, it was believed that cutting cords was the way to be free from those tiresome repetitive thoughts and feelings. However, as we worked with this methodology we noticed that cutting cords often left an imprint or memory in our energy field that resulted in a weakness or distortion within our energy bodies. This weakened area then left us open to attracting further energy vibrating in alignment with the original negative thought or feeling.

In discussing this with the healing teams I worked with, they offered a solution to this dilemma. They explained that bringing light into the aura that vibrates at a high enough frequency to gently release energetic cords and ties, rather than cutting them, would prevent leaving imprints in the energy field. This method has become available as I have been able to gradually increase my own ability to channel these higher frequencies of light. After the cord releasing is complete, I place a Diamond Light Shield around your aura to provide further protection. This sacred geometric form provides a stable field of energy that keeps the healing you have received in place. As this work frees you from the thoughts and feelings of others, you can experience peace of mind and happines

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