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Thoughts, Feelings, and your Physical Body

Some of you are quite familiar with the phrase "thoughts are things" and so have an understanding that what you think and how you feel about what you think has an impact on your physical body. To others, this is an entirely new concept and may be sounding too "woo woo" to be true.

After years of doing energy healing for a variety of people, I can tell you that not only is it true that "thoughts are things" but these "things" quite often show up as discomfort or disease in your physical body. I won't take your time offering explanations of how this works. I will just let one of the people I have worked with tell you in her own words how that showed up for her. Here is an edited email a woman sent to me after her first Medical Assistance Session. The details that have been excluded are private information about her relationship with her son.

She booked a Medical Assistance Session because she had an issue with her left jaw and molar, including pain. She noticed physical improvement a few days after her first session and the issue cleared up after her fifth session. Without further ado, here is what she sensed during her session.

"Hi Deborah,

I laid down & focused on being receptive to any information that I needed and to ideas of what I needed to release. I got a lot of information related to my son. I'm unclear what this has to do with healing my left jaw & molar. However, I do feel that it has healed somewhat."

It is fascinating that working on a relationship helped her physical body heal. In subsequent sessions, other issues came to light and not all of them were about relationships. With each Medical Assistance Session her jaw and molar improved. This is just another example of how accessing your Soul's Wisdom helps you find the root cause of your issues and clears them up.

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