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Why Worry About Karma?

When my oldest son was in high school, he and his friends were constantly playing practical jokes on each other. One of the things they observed is that quite often the perpetrator of the latest joke would have something similar happen to him almost immediately, mostly out of the blue.

For example, one of the pranksters pulled the chair away just as his friend was sitting down. He thought watching his friend fall on the floor was hilarious.

But as he was walking to his seat, someone (not one of the pranksters) got up and in doing so pushed his chair away from the table. The prankster was so busy laughing at his friend he wasn’t watching where he was going, tripped over the chair, and fell on the floor.

The group of pranksters immediately shouted “God smack!” This was their term for instant karma.

Although many people think karma is some kind of punishment for past misdeeds, it is really one of the laws of universal consciousness that is a constant part of our lives.

The Law of Karma is really straightforward: energy moves in a circular manner. We often describe it by saying “what goes around comes around.” In essence, all of our actions, both good and bad create a vibrational frequency that goes forth and continues until it circles around and returns to us.

So karma is not so much “an eye for an eye” as it is a frequency for a frequency.

For example, a violent action can create the tendency to be violent or to attract violence.An understanding of the law of karma is one of the reasons the scriptures of almost every religion have some version of the golden rule: treat other people the way you would like to be treated.

That is all well and good once we really have an understanding of karma but what about the time before we understood? Does this mean we are doomed to continually trip over past actions that we, in our current lives, don’t even remember? Must we suffer life after life because, in our ignorance, we did harm to ourselves and others?

Fortunately, this is where the Law of Vibration comes to our aid. The Law of Vibration, simply stated is, a higher vibration consumes and transforms a lower vibration. This is the law that is put into action when we clear karma.

As we awaken to our true selves and begin to remember that we are beloved children of God created in the image of God, we begin to connect to our divine essence and, through the love, wisdom, and power of our Soul consciousness we are able to invoke the Law of Vibration and rapidly consume and transform the lower vibrational frequencies we put into motion long ago, thus rapidly alleviating karma.

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