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How Does Karma Affect Relationships?

When two people have karma to resolve, their souls will bring them together at some future time, either in the lifetime where the karma was created or in as many future lifetimes as it takes to resolve the karma.

Karma between two people is essentially unfinished business and the final resolution for karma is love.

Many people think they need to do a past life regression or have someone tell them what the story is about how the karma was created between them and another person. Occasionally that is helpful but many times it is not.

What is helpful is to allow your Soul to identify the energetic vibration of the karma, release it, and replace it with its higher vibrational frequency.

For example, if in the course of your interaction with another, usually in more than one lifetime you were oppressed, abused, ignored, or treated with disrespect you could develop a block to harmony, desire, and involvement. This would make it very difficult for you to take positive action on our career path, or speak up when something is important to you.

And even if you are normally self-confident and assertive, you might find that in the presence of the person who oppressed you in the past (even though you don’t remember it) you suddenly become tongue-tied and ineffective. This can be very confusing.

However, your Soul has a full memory of all of your lives and can pinpoint the blocks and negative vibrations you’re carrying from those past encounters. Your Soul then initiates the higher vibrations of harmony, desire, and involvement, and in so doing dissolves the blocks and replaces them with those higher frequencies.

This then makes it possible for you to engage in positive desire for things you love and interest you so that you can fully engage in being involved in positive creation for your life.

Here is where the “yes but” shows up.

Yes, but the person who is treating me badly isn’t going to miraculously change!

Interestingly enough, quite often they do. It is a fascinating phenomenon that when you stop vibrating to being oppressed, abused, ignored, or treated with disrespect, the person who has been the thorn in your side often stops treating you disrespectfully. You no longer attract those behaviors from others.

And yes, sometimes the person in question doesn’t change at all. They really are stuck in unpleasant ways of interacting with you and others. In that case you might find it is quite easy to ignore their behavior when you are in their company or you just gently and easily drift out of their lives and into the lives of people who treat you the way you want to be treated.

This is just one example of how allowing your Soul and its team of helpers to pinpoint the specific karma you have in relationship to another can rapidly improve your relationship with that person and free you to love yourself enough to stop making yourself wrong and move forward in choosing what you love for your own life.

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