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About Diamond Enlightenment

People ask what Diamond Enlightenment is, and why diamond. With so many different energy healing modalities available -- so many of which I've trained in -- it's a good question.



Diamond came from actually seeing a diamond with my inner vision at the location of my heart.  At that initial moment, I knew it was something meaningful, yet hard to articulate.  You might say it symbolizes the sparkling energy of the soul that is always available for healing and enlightened wisdom.



Many intuitives have told me that they saw that I had a diamond within me, and also surrounding me. I take that to symbolize that the soul and its team of helpers are always present, watching over us, waiting to be asked to give us advice, or help us through problems and suffering.



In sacred geometry, the diamond shape serves Spirit by anchoring energy from the spirit realms onto the Earth plane.  It reminds me of the saying -- as above, so below, as the universe, so the soul.



As the name of my channeling and healing practice, the diamond conveys that I am a transducer, a mechanism that helps change  higher spiritual or metaphysical energies into forms that are usable in my clients' daily lives.



It's a bit like being a lightening rod.  A bolt of lightening can be overpowering when not grounded and channeled productively.  But when harnessed in the right way, that extraordinary cosmic energy can enlighten and empower.



Diamond Enlightenment Healing is for anyone who has a problem. You don't have to be a believer in the metaphysical for it to work. Your soul and its helpers -- who are your guardian angels, the ascended masters, the keepers of the Akashic Records, and other beings of Light and Healing -- will know what you need.  



All that is needed from you is to state the problem you want addressed in a clear and succinct way.  Diamond Enlightenment Healing is safe and effective.  It does not interfere with any treatment protocols your doctor or therapist may be using. 



​A lot of problems my clients have had have been physically or emotionally painful.  You don't want to suffer any more hurt or trauma. You're looking for healing processes that don't hurt in order to heal.  Diamond Enlightenment Healing is the answer you've been seeking.  Spiritual healing doesn't hurt, and won't cause more trauma.



I recommend reading how to prepare for a Diamond Enlightenment Healing session here to get a good idea of what you're likely to experience, and how a session works. 



Big changes on spiritual levels need to be initiated on higher planes where all healing starts.  I connect to your soul and your soul's own healing team.  They guide me from there.

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