For those who are: 

Feeling Negative Emotions

Experiencing Physical Ailments

Feeling Stagnant

At a Crossroad

Experiencing a Challenge 

Trying Conventional Methods Without Satisfaction


 I am here to help. 




I am a spiritual energy healer, a channel, a mentor, and a teacher. I offer Transformational Healing locally in Austin, Texas and at a distance by email and phone.


Using intuitive counseling, transcendental energy shifting and energetic reprogramming, I open the way for your Soul and healing team to release negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs, blocks, and karma.  These are replaced with postive energies that create the joy and success your Soul wants for you.



What I Do

After a session with me many people report:


  • recovering from illness 

  • receiving insight 

  • being able to move forward

  • having improved relationships 

  • feeling increased job satisfaction

  • having more financial prosperity 

  • releasing tension, pain, or stress  

  • generally feeling revitalized and energized 


Some say a session with me is like

getting a year of therapy in about an hour.


What Others Say

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Deborah's Transformational Healing is not used to diagnose disease, nor is it intended to replace medical treatment. If you need medical attention or have a life-threatening condition, please see your Primary Care Physician.